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A regular maintenance and a general study of the Cooling Towers assures reliable trouble-free operation of the equipment and guarantees its liability through time. This way the original performance will be assured. A Maintenance Contract covers inspection, servicing and replacement of wearing parts as well as the eventual cleaning of Fills, Water Distribution system, Drift Eliminators, etc. Components which aren't in a good functioning condition should be repaired or replaced. UNICLIMA offers a PERMANENT EXISTENCE (except in very few situations) of any COMPONENT of its COOLING TOWERS UNITS (as well as other brands) such as:

Film Fills with several configurations and dimensions for 55 ºC and 75 ºC.

For Cooling Towers, Water Treatment and other fluids

SPLASH Fills for dirty

water up to 80 ºC


SPLASH Grids for dirty water up to 80°C

PVC Drif Eliminator for 55 ºC and 75 ºC


Drift Eliminator for dirty wate

Air Intake Louvers for Axial Cooling Towers


Centrifugal Fans

Fan wheel

Axial Fans of small and medium size


Large Axial Fans

(Diameter up to 30 ft - 9144 mm)

Driveshafts and Couplings

Bearing set


Bushings and Sheaves



Galvanized or Stainless Strainer

Various types of Gear Reducers


Cooling Tower Motor

of 1500-1000-750 rpm

(All Powers) 


Frequency Inverters

Spray Pumps

Spray Nozzles for small, medium and large Cooling Towers


Electric Water Level Control


Water make-up Valve


Vibration Switches


Heat Transfer Coil for Evaporative Coolers and Condensers


Humidification Pads with different dimensions for Evaporative Condensers

Basin Heaters


Large Drive Shafts in Carbon Fiber for Gear Reducers

Sound Attenuators

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